Range Rules

Ye Olde Gun Club Rules and Regulations

These Rules Apply to Everyone.  Always think safety and have a good time. Anyone breaking these rules can be barred from the property with no refund.

  1. Members, Non-Members, and Guests are responsible for their own actions and safety.  Members are also responsible for the actions and safety of any of his or her family members and guests that accompany them to the range.

  2.  Eye protection (glasses) and ear protection (plugs or muffs) must be worn by everyone on the range, including spectators.

  3. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on the premises.

  4. Do NOT tear up the steel targets on the 25 yard range by shooting them with hot pistol loads or high powered rifles.

  5. Do NOT shoot at yardage markers or into the ponds. DO NOT HANG TARGETS OR ANYTHING IN THE RED.

  6. Please clean up all of your brass and place in the containers on the range.

  7. Shoot straight down the range at the targets. No cross fire or shooting at an angle.

  8. No guns are to be handled when someone is downrange.  Red Flag means range is HOT.  White Flag means range is COLD.  YOU CANNOT TOUCH A WEAPON FOR ANY REASON WHEN RANGE IS COLD.  When removing any weapon from a case, make sure that the barrel is pointed down range.

  9. No glass, plastic bottles, or cans are to be used as targets.

  10. Do NOT shoot any live animals that may wander onto the range.

  11. Mining of lead, digging, or climbing on the backstops is strictly prohibited.

  12. Guests are allowed at the cost of $25 per day per shooter. ANY ONE THAT ENTERS WITHOUT PAYING FIRST WILL PAY A $5 FINE.

  13. Only Paper Targets are Allowed on handgun and rifle ranges. Only staff members are allowed to hang steel, cylinders, etc.  Always clean up after yourself and take down your targets.