Daily Passes

Daily passes are available to non-members and guests of members for $25 per person.  A daily pass gives you access to all of the rifle ranges, handgun ranges, and trap and skeet fields.  Please note that  any one that enters the range without paying first will pay a $5.00 fine.

Here is what to expect:

You don’t need to bring much with you.  A gun would certainly help though!  For the most part, anything that you need we either have available for free (such as target stands, etc.), can sell you (targets, etc.), or will find for you (ammo!).  See Contact Us.

If you are coming for the rifle ranges, we have several rifle ranges available.  They range from 50 yards and go out to about 300 yards.  The shooting area is covered and we have various benches, sand bags, stands, etc. for you to use free of charge.  Pack a cooler with sodas and lunch and spend the afternoon with us.

If you have a handgun, you have several options.  Most shooters use the 25 yard range with target stands.  We also have two private single lane alleys that are perfect for those that want to be away from the rest of the action.

Those that wish to trap or skeet shoot have a huge wide open field to do so.  This is the only area that shot guns are allowed to be fired.

Please look at the Photos Page for pictures of the rifle ranges, handgun ranges, and trap and skeet fields.