CCW Classes

Have you tried to read the State Statutes on transporting weapons to and from the gun range in North Carolina?  They are abstract to say the least.  It is even more interesting to ask a member of law enforcement the best way to transport guns in North Carolina – you never hear the same answer twice!

Well, after dealing with the above, I started asking my Sheriff’s Deputy friends what is the best way to stay law abiding while transporting my rifles, shotguns, and handguns.  They all gave me the same answer – “Get your concealed carry permit (CCW).”  By filling out the simple paperwork and spending a day with master CCW instructor, Bill Lester, you are able to get your CCW permit. 

Obviously, there are other reasons to obtain your CCW besides transporting guns.  The two main reasons are (1) self defense; and (2) get it while it is easy.  Both of these reasons should be self explanatory!

Are you ready to spend a day with Bill Lester at Ye Olde Gun Club and then apply for your CCW Permit?  If so, call Bill at (910) 617-6093.  The fee is a flat $100.  If you would like additional one-on-one training, Bill also offers Private CCW Classes for an additional fee.  Please call with plenty of notice because Bill’s CCW Classes tend to fill up quickly. 

Below are some helpful links regarding CCW Permits and the Application Process.  Please note that we are not responsible for the accuracy of the information on any of the websites listed.  As always – do your homework!

North Carloina General Assembly Article 54B – Concealed Handgun Permits

North Carolina Firearms Laws – Department of Justice – Revised 12/11

Frequently Asked Questions on Gun Ownership –

New Hanover County Sheriff CCW and Pistol Purchase Info and Forms

Brunswick County Sheriff Gun Permits